Precious Cargo Logistics in India

India is the highest gold-consuming market in the world. It is a category with 100% awareness, 100% penetration, rooted in our heritage and tradition, and a big part of our lives, a beautiful saving which becomes our saviour in times of need. But what goes behind ensuring that the gold reaches you securely?
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First SEBI approved Vault Manager for the Domestic Gold Spot Exchange

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has granted approval to Sequel Logistics Private Limited for carrying out activities as a Vault Manager for the domestic gold spot exchange. The certificate of registration provides recognition to 18 High-Grade Vaults of Sequel to provide vaulting services as defined in SEBI (Vault Managers) Regulations, 2021.
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Free Trade Warehousing Zones and Bullion Trading

Free trade warehousing zones are strategically located premises treated as international zones which enable the trading and storage of goods on behalf of foreign or domestic clients. FTWZ provides efficient connectivity via road, rail, air, and sea. Within the geography of India, it acts as a deemed foreign territory.
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