Road Transport Safety Policy

We shall be consistent with the Corporate Road Safety Policy and expect all our vendors and contractors to be in line with the same
We shall have a structured approach for continuous improvement in Road Safety Performance to reduce risks “As Low As Reasonably Practicable And Still Stay In Business.”

We shall ensure that road accidents are avoided by:

  • Having medically fit drivers and other staff
  • Prohibiting the use of alcohol and drugs
  • No usage of mobile phones when driving
  • Restricting unauthorized passengers
  • Requiring all drivers and passengers to wear seat belts
  • Training in defensive driving techniques
  • Limiting drivers’ working hours
We shall ensure that all road safety incidents are reported, investigated and suitable action is taken to prevent recurrence.
We shall provide relevant training at all levels of Transport Management.
We shall promote openness and participation of all the employees across all levels for improving Road Safety performance.
We shall promote and enforce Sequel Logistics’ Standards for Road Safety among our Transport Vendors and Contractors.
We shall develop an Emergency Response Capability in cooperation with local authorities and emergency services.
We shall develop safety awareness among drivers by encouraging drivers’ involvement in Road Safety related training programs, and identification of potential incidents.

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