Sequel LifeCare is now WHO-GDP compliant, ensuring safety, efficacy and quality throughout the supply chain. WHO-GDP certified branches: BLR | HYD | DEL | AMD | PNQ

For Time-Critical Life Science Logistics

Sequel LifeCare is our specialised logistics service that focuses on time-critical healthcare shipments in domestic and international markets. Our advanced personalised shipment service has an on-time reach across 305 towns in India, and shipment delivery around the globe. Our technologically advanced infrastructure, backed by a well-trained unit of on-site experts who ensure safety and security of fragile packages, help us sustain a long-term working relationship with our clients.


Bio Samples

Samples sent for testing decide the treatment of the patient. Hence every sample is highly critical. We take utmost care in handling and ensuring the fastest possible transit throughout Direct Network Model.

Investigational Products

The criticality of IPs are due to their limited quantities and high impact on the overall success of CT projects. Our team handles multiple tasks, leaving no room for deviation in temperature, TAT and receiver.

Medical Equipment

Every high value consignment gets a dedicated pre-assigned team. They work closely with our airline partners to deliver the equipment with additional caution and safety.

Agro Products

Based on your business needs, our team will provide you customized solutions to transport agricultural products.


Our multimode operational expertise allows us to maintain accurate temperature for pharmaceuticals with strict packaging, discreet handling & remarkable first mile response time.

Cord Blood

Parents get a one-time opportunity within a narrow time frame to store the stem cells of their new born. We are 24x7 ready for every critical moment, with our extensive network for the fastest connection and delivery.

Live Animals

Timely supervision, feeding, medication and care ensure that lab animals have a safe journey on the flight. This ensures optimum health when they reach the destination for clinical trials.

Food & Beverages

With our wide reach and network we can transport your F&B samples to wherever you decide.


We provide domestic and global door-to-door services for bulk temperature controlled shipments in ranges such as:

  • Ambient products (no temperature control)
  • Controlled ambient products (15° C to 25° C)
  • Refrigerated products (2° C to 8° C)
  • Frozen products (-20° C to -80° C)
  • Liquid Nitrogen (-196°C) (pre-packed parcels)

Our qualified teams of trained specialists are proficient in handling specialised requirements and documentation, as well as regulatory customs and clearance procedures for all dangerous goods including perishable, hazardous and radioactive goods.

Our experienced team assists companies to carefully destroy expired and unused batches of drugs with extreme caution as per regulations.

Complete packaging solutions for all temperature ranges ensuring product integrity.

Query on Serviceability and Turn Around Time

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City State Serviceability
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Pick-up Date:

*Disclaimer: The estimated delivery date is subject to external conditions.

Qualified Packaging

The selection of right packaging for sensitive shipment ensures longer lifetime. Hence, we take into account the following factors:

Transit Time

We calculate the ideal time your shipment would take, ensuring no wastage of performance targets.

Transit Temperature

Since the temperature of the shipment defines its sustenance, we make sure that it’s controlled using gel packs at all times.

Refrigerant Volume

The performance of the qualified packaging is dependent on the amount of refrigerant used. Therefore, we ensure our calculations are spot-on, negating wastage.

Product Size

The volume and mass of the commodity impacts the performance of the packaging. We perform simulated tests of all our packaging to confirm its usability, giving you a safe and hassle-free experience.

Case Studies

NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation) Project

Sequel LifeCare division provides personalized shipment services for India’s largest diagnostics company. Sequel has changed the industry dynamics and has been awarded with prestigious “Government of India” project under National Aids Control Organization.
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Documentation and Packaging

Domestic Movement
1. The documents mentioned below are required for client code creation:
  • KYC form (format will be provided by Sequel)
  • PAN Copy (organization)
  • TAN Copy
  • GST Copy
  • Owner or HOD ID proof (copy of Aadhar/driving license/passport/voter ID/organization issued valid ID card)
  • Turnover declaration (format will be provided by Sequel)
  • Work Order/PO/agreement
2. For shipment movement we require copies of standard declarations in the format provided by Sequel.
3. Separate declarations needed for non-DG, DG shipments & electronic declaration for equipment.
4. Logistics document (docket copy)
5. E-way bill if the shipment value is more than Rs. 50,000.
For domestic movement please reach out to Sequel on
International Movement
We have connection over vast number of countries and for that, a list of documentation is required such as:
    1. International invoice
    2. MSDS
    3. COA for pharma shipment
    4. Food item invoice
    5. Import Licence
    6. FASSAI
    7. Certificate of Origin, etc.
For international movement please reach out to Sequel on
Temperature controlled shipments need to be packed in a 3 layered validated box by following proper SOPs of conditioning & pre-conditioning procedures. Please follow the points mentioned below:
    1. Condition the gel-packs for 72 hrs to maintain the desired temperature for up-to 48 hours
    2. Sample should be sealed properly in the product box to avoid any leakage
    3. Sample should be packed in 3 layered validated boxes
    4. Gel pack to be kept between the outer and inner layer and data logger to be placed along with the sample in the inner product box
    5. Ensure data logger is configured properly for capturing the temperature readings while in-transit
    6. Handover the sample only in closed/cold rooms

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