SEBI Appoints Sequel as the First Vault Manager for the Domestic Gold Spot Exchange.

For High Monetary Value Logistics

Sequel Secure is our flagship logistics service, focused on moving high monetary value consignments such as Gems, Jewellery, Precious Commodities, and other valuable cargo. Our dedicated focus on operational excellence, risk management and compliance as per international standards, has not only won us numerous prestigious awards, but has also helped in winning the trust of major international banks, public and private sector banks, renowned jewellery retail chains, exclusive jewellery boutiques, manufacturers, traders and refiners. Our mission is to help our customers run their unique and complex supply chain in the most compliant, nimble and efficient manner.

Service Offerings

Secured Logistics

We provide domestic and international transportation of D&J (Diamond & Jewellery) across the supply chain. The movement covers dispatch of raw material for production, collection of finished products from suppliers, inter-warehouse transfers, delivery to retail stores and returns management. We fully understand the “value of time” and its impact on our customer’s working capital and order commitments. Thus, we deliver shipments in an extremely short turnaround time.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows with Vaulting

We help you put on a great show at all international and domestic locations. We also provide customized service for private exhibitions and road shows, even in the most challenging environments. The trade show services include facility inspection, setting up surveillance systems, guarding and physical security, secured transportation, overnight vaulting, customs clearance and insurance. Apart from building and providing a temporary vault at the exhibition venue, our customers can use our vault facility in most major cities. Our goal is to help you focus on your business and networking, while we take complete care of your products and its logistics.

Small Value Shipments

Not all shipments are large and high value. Yet, this is a substantial portion of the business, where wider reach and cost efficiencies are paramount. We provide door-to-door express delivery to more than 110 countries across the world, wrapped with a special insurance coverage. With e-commerce opening up immense business opportunities, this service offers a near perfect solution to manage door delivery of direct customer orders. Complete with value adds of API integration, cash on delivery and returns management.

E-Commerce Logistics Solutions

From API integration to cash-on-delivery and return movements, we offer robust, all-round services for all your e-commerce requirements and cover a gamut of B2C services for you.


  • Precious & Semi-Precious Jewellery
  • Rough, Cut & Polished Diamonds
  • Precious & Semi-Precious Stones
  • Silver Articles & Artifacts

Armoured Transportation

Movement of heavy duty precious metals, dore bars, banknotes and credit cards, in the most compliant and secure manner, to protect our client’s commercial and reputational risks, is what we manage and deliver every single day. Changing economic conditions and volatile metal markets further increases the complexity of this sensitive supply chain. Our security and risk management processes are constantly audited, reviewed and refined, to neutralise evolving threats, and meet the unique requirements of our clients. We are the only company to be certified by ISO 39001 and RJC, which is a testimony to both our capability and our commitment.

Pick and Pack

Given the sensitivity and security risks involved in the handling and accounting of Precious Commodities, we follow processes that are in complete compliance as mandated by the most reputed financial institutions, insurance auditors and security audit bodies. This allows us to perform and deliver various value added services to our clients at our facilities, and provide them substantial benefits of improved value and faster turnaround.


With one of the largest network of high grade vaults, which are audited and approved by banks, insurance companies and independent audit bodies, we assure complete peace of mind to our clients. While our security and infrastructure experts work and rework on every detail of layout, equipment, process and procedures, our business managers ensure that our vaults are not only in the relevant cities, but are also at convenient locations within the city, to ensure fastest turnaround for our customers.


  • Gold, Silver & other precious metals
  • Dore
  • Scrap Gold
  • Forex & Plastic Cards
  • Precious Items

Trusteeship Services

Physical back-up stock audits will be conducted by Sequel.

Custodianship Services

Secure vaulting of the physical gold at Sequel’s vaults.

Delivery Services

On redemption, gold will be delivered till the customer’s door step.


  • Digital Gold

Value Added Services

Comprehensive Insurance
Our comprehensive, all-risk insurance cover offers complete peace of mind, with minimum administrative requirements and quick settlement processing.
Packaging Solutions
We offer expert advice on correct packaging that sustains the rigour of transportation and keeps your valuables in pristine condition.
Customs Clearance and Documentation Assistance
Our customs brokerage service ensures that all merchandise are properly classified, paperwork is duly filled and submitted for swift customs clearance.
IT Enabled SMS/E-mail Notifications
Our cutting-edge technology not only keeps you up to date on the status of your valuable shipment, through our configurable notification system, but also empowers you to manage your logistics in the most efficient manner.
Daily Reports on Stock Position
Regardless of whether your precious cargo is in vaults or in transit, you will unfailingly receive an inventory report, keeping you updated on every transaction, big or small.


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